eSim 2018 Call for Abstracts –Practitioners Track

Researchers, practitioners and building modeling professionals are invited to submit 20 minute presentation/session proposals addressing the needs of the building performance modeling community.

All submissions must include: presentation title, speaker information and an abstract (500 words max).

The conference seeks presentations on the following topics:

  • Building Information Model Technologies
  • Modeling Advances (New techniques, scripting, etc.)
  • Early Design Modeling and Analysis
  • Multiple Systems Modeling
  • Health, Wellness and Comfort
  • Energy Performance and System Simulation (including existing buildings, model calibration)
  • Codes, Standards and Compliance Modeling

The deadline for abstract submissions is March 31, 2018. Visit the eSim 2018 website for more information.

eSim 2018 Call for Abstracts – EXTENDED to October 15th

As mentioned in our February Newsletter, École de technologie  supérieure and IBPSA-Canada are pleased to invite you to the eSim 2018 conference in Montreal, Quebec on May 9-10 2018 (workshops will be held on May 7th and 11th). For its 10th edition, the conference theme will be Building simulation to support building sustainability / La simulation énergétique pour un bâtiment durable and will cover a broad range of topics such as:

  • Recent developments for modelling the physical processes relevant to building performance (thermal, air flow, moisture, lighting)
  • Methods and algorithms for modelling conventional and innovative building systems (including envelope, lighting, controls, HVAC, renewable energy and distributed generation systems)
  • Methods for modelling and characterizing whole building performance, including interactions between systems within the building, and interactions between the building and its surrounding neighbourhood and community
  • Methods for modelling and characterizing occupant comfort and well-being (including thermal comfort, acoustic performance, air quality, ventilation and lighting)
  • Occupant behaviour in buildings
  • Building simulation software development and quality control approaches
  • Use of building simulation tools in building design, optimisation, code compliance, incentive programs and operation
  • Use of building simulation tools in stock- and sector-modelling studies at neighbourhood, community, municipal and national scales
  • Moving simulation into practice—case studies of innovative simulation approaches
  • Validation of building simulation software
  • User interface and software interoperability issues
  • Architectural and engineering data visualisation and animation

This edition will also include a practitioner track.

The deadline for abstract submissions is October 15th, 2017. Visit eSim 2018 website for more information.

IBPSA Canada Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with our first newsletter: IBPSA-Canada Newsletter Issue 1_Feb2017

Student travel awards to attend eSim 2018 available! (Application deadline: March 4 2018)

Application procedures in both English and French

Sustainable Built Environment Conference of the Americas in TorontoSBE16_logo

SBE16Toronto provides a unique opportunity to learn from international experts, connect with decision makers and do business in the green building and infrastructure sector. There is a technical paper session on Energy Modelling and Metrics. For more information and registration:



The website dedicated to the Experimental Houses of Building Energetics (EHBE) of the Energy Technology Laboratory (ETL) offers free download of selected data.
EHBE’s are full scale, fully instrumented twin houses. They have electric baseboards controlled by a line-voltage electronic thermostat in each room, air ducts ready for a central heating/cooling system,
electric radiant floors in the kitchen and the full bathroom and heat recovery ventilator. Each house has nearly 500 measurement points sampled at 15 minute intervals including per room space heating energy,
air temperature, velocity and humidity, sphere temperature, structure embedded temperatures, soil temperature and humidity, comfort metrics and local weather data.
The building energy model of one EHBE and the information required to generate it are also available for download.
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