NRCan’s notice of proposed procurement for building simulation services is now open for submission until October 7, 2021:

A new Post-Doctoral opportunity offered by Sherbrooke University:


IBPSA-Canada will hold its annual general meeting on June 16, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT. All IBPSA-Canada members are welcome to attend. Agenda and connection details to follow shortly.

eSim | Spring 2021

IBPSA-Canada has decided to postpone eSim by approximately one year to Spring 2021.

eSim 2020 | Update

In light of the current global situation regarding COVID-19, eSim 2020 is postponed. The conference committee and IBPSA-Canada are discussing future dates and formats for the conference, including how to best disseminate the conference’s proceedings in service of paper authors. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

eSim 2020 | Building simulation meets building data

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada | June 15-16, 2020


eSim 2020 – 15-16 June 2020, UBC Point Grey Campus, Vancouver, BC

“Building Simulation Meets Building Data”

The building simulation domain is in a period of evolution. The increasing availability and affordability of collecting data from buildings is making it easier for modellers to either calibrate physics-based models with data, or altogether replace some of these models with data.  Alongside advances in conventional physics-based building simulation and its applications, eSim 2020 will explore synergies with data-driven methods of building analysis, including machine learning, operational building data, Internet of Things sensors, data-driven decision-making for design and retrofit, and closing the performance gap. This will broaden the conference beyond the traditional building simulation audience to include research experts in building data analytics, energy auditors and energy service providers, software developers and policy-makers.

Abstracts due: 1 December 2019

Full papers due: 23 February 2020

Conference: 15-16 June 2020 (+ workshops 17 June)


IBPSA-Canada student travel awards to attend BS 2019

IBPSA-Canada will grant up to three travel awards for students presenting papers at Building Simulation 2019 (BS 2019) in Rome, Italy. Each award will be for a fixed amount of CDN $ 1,500 to offset expenses related to conference participation (travel, conference registration fee, accommodations, meals).  IBPSA-Canada will base its decisions upon the following selection criteria (scoring weights shown in parentheses):

  • Quality of BS 2019 paper(s) authored or co-authored by a Canadian graduate student.  [writing quality, background/literature review and technical content]  (70%)
  • Contributions of student to field of building performance simulation, as evidenced in a letter (one to two pages) from the student to the selection committee. (20%)
  • Need for financial assistance to attend BS 2019, as indicated in a letter of recommendation from the faculty supervisor/advisor (the letter must be on university letterhead). (10%)

It is required that award recipients will present their papers at the conference and attend for the full length of the conference. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time graduate students at a Canadian university. Applicants must also be members of IBPSA-Canada (free memberships are available at Only one paper per applicant can be submitted.

Applications for the award must be e-mailed to by February 28th, 2019.  The e-mail application (in either French or English) must include the following:

  • The student’s name.
  • The name of the programme, department, faculty, and university.
  • The title of the Ph.D. or master’s research.
  • The name of the student’s supervisor(s)/advisor(s).
  • The BS 2019 paper(s) authored or co-authored by the student in PDF format.  The list of authors should also be provided.
  • A one to two page letter written by the student that clearly describes the relevance of their research to the topic of building performance simulation and that outlines their contributions to this domain.
  • A signed faculty recommendation letter on university letterhead in PDF format. The letter should indicate financial need.

IBPSA-Canada will inform all applicants of its funding decisions by April 1st 2019.  Payment will be made either to the academic department or the student, either prior to or following the conference.

Students are also encouraged to apply for the IBPSA-world student travel awards. The details are given on IBPSA-world’s web site (  In the event that a student receives one of the IBPSA-world awards, IBPSA-Canada will complete the scholarship for a combined maximum of CDN $1,500.

Experimental Houses of Building Energetics (EHBE)



The website dedicated to the Experimental Houses of Building Energetics (EHBE) of the Energy Technology Laboratory (ETL) offers free download of selected data.
EHBE’s are full scale, fully instrumented twin houses. They have electric baseboards controlled by a line-voltage electronic thermostat in each room, air ducts ready for a central heating/cooling system,
electric radiant floors in the kitchen and the full bathroom and heat recovery ventilator. Each house has nearly 500 measurement points sampled at 15 minute intervals including per room space heating energy,
air temperature, velocity and humidity, sphere temperature, structure embedded temperatures, soil temperature and humidity, comfort metrics and local weather data.
The building energy model of one EHBE and the information required to generate it are also available for download.
Visit us at

eSim 2016


eSim 2016 Conference Proceedings

New grade of membership in IBPSA-World: Supporting Members

Supporting Members and Student Supporting Members are new grades of membership that offer the opportunity to concretely support IBPSA and to receive several benefits: a print subscription to the Journal of Building Performance Simulation, online access to the Journal, and the right to use the IBPSA Supporting Member logo. logo_supporting_member_2014 For 2014, Supporting Membership dues are set at $120/year and Student Supporting Membership is $80/year. Dues may be paid via credit card or PayPal. For more information go to IBPSA’s Membership Management System.

IBPSA-Canada provides funding for Screening tool for New Building Design:

A new opportunity for a bilingual PhD student at Carleton University: PhD in modelling solar-seasonal storage systems (PDF)

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