IBPSA-Canada’s Governing Charter
Established February 2002
Modified by Letters Patent (incorporation) June 2005
Modified by Ammendments to Letters Patent May 2008


  • IBPSA-Canada’s objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of information between Canadian practitioners and researchers on the topic of building performance simulation.
  • IBPSA-Canada will strive to achieve this objective through biennial conferences, an interactive web site, and e-mail discussion lists.



  • The board controls the policies and procedures of IBPSA-Canada.
  • It is anticipated that IBPSA-Canada’s charter will evolve over time in response to the needs of the membership. The board will approve all changes to this governing charter.
  • The board will meet quarterly, usually by teleconference.
  • The board will be composed of up to eleven members. The board members must be actively involved in the field of building simulation in some capacity, and must be based in Canada.
  • Nominations for board members will be sought by the current president, normally using the IBPSA-Canada general e-mail list.
  • Board members will be voted by the membership.
  • All board positions are for a two-year term, renewable for multiple terms.
  • The board will strive to reach decisions by consensus. Where this is not possible, decisions will require a two-thirds majority vote. Attendance of half the board members will be required to establish a quorum for voting.


President and vice-president

  • The board will select a president and a vice-president from amongst its membership.
  • The president and vice-president positions will be for a one-year term, renewable for multiple terms.
  • The president (or the vice-president in the president’s absence) will chair the board meetings.
  • The president and vice-president will actively participate to realize the mandate of the organization.

Organizational framework

  • IBPSA-Canada will operate as a network of volunteers


  • Any individual with an interest in the field of building simulation can become an individual member of IBPSA-Canada. .
  • Any organization (a company, university group, government agency, etc) based in Canada and active in the field of building simulation can become a corporate member of IBPSA-Canada.
  • Membership will be registered via IBPSA-Canada’s web site.
  • All individual members will have access to IBPSA-Canada’s web site.
  • All individual members will be on an IBPSA-Canada general e-mail list and will receive announcements of upcoming events and new services.
  • All corporate members will have the right to list their organization’s building simulation services on the IBPSA-Canada web site, subject to the policies established by the board.
  • There will be no membership dues.

Languages of operation

  • IBPSA-Canada is a bilingual (French and English) organization.
  • Where possible, services will be provided in both languages. Where not, either language can be used.

Biennial conferences

  • IBPSA-Canada will organize a conference on the topic of building simulation every two years.
  • These conferences will be held in even-numbered years to alternate with the IBPSA international conferences, which are held in odd-numbered years.
  • The conference will be named eSim.
  • The eSim conferences will be hosted by some organization other than IBPSA-Canada (since IBPSA-Canada cannot handle with finances).
  • The event will be announced as eSim 20??, the biennial conference ofIBPSA-Canada, is hosted by (name of host organization), and supported by (names of financial sponsors).
  • The board will target dates for the conference and invite (normally through the IBPSA-Canada general e-mail list) organizations interested in hosting the event to submit proposals. The board will review the proposals and select the host site for the eSim conference.