Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) Chapter

IBPSA Canada GTHA is the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area chapter of IBPSA are Canada, the Canadian affiliate of the International Building Performance Simulation Association. It was established in 2012 and represents practically all of the organizations and individuals providing building energy modeling services across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Its members include energy modelers and related technical experts from government, industry and academia. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in energy modeling specifically, and building performance simulation in general. Currently, IBPSA-GTHA comprises nearly 100 individuals associated with engineering firms, energy service providers, utilities, government agencies, colleges and universities.

The IBPSA Canada GTHA Chapter’s objectives:

  • Advancement of energy modeling to support building codes, building labeling programs and demand-supply program for the natural gas and electricity utilities;
  • Development of a network of expertise to encourage opportunities for continuous improvement and lifelong learning;
  • Cooperation with allied stakeholders to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the uptake of energy conservation programs; and
  • Promotion of cost effective energy efficiency improvements in codes and standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance economic competitiveness.

Currently, IBPSA-GTHA has a number of working groups engaged in a variety of initiatives. To find out more, join the IBPSA-GTHA Mailing List below and you will be notified of all future meetings, and be able to exchange communications with fellow GTHA energy modellers.

BC Chapter

The BC Chapter of IBPSA Canada was founded in 2013 and consists of a general membership (mostly energy modellers), external partners (typically organizations that represent other industry groups), and a 5-position executive committee elected for a minimum 1-year term by the members.

The main focus of the BC chapter, as determined at the first annual general meeting in March of 2013, is to focus on energy modelling education, both:

  • Internally- to elevate the level of experience and education of energy modellers, and improve consistency between modellers within BC, and
  • Externally- to improve the understanding and appreciation of energy modelling within the greater building community.

In addition, IBPSA BC provides a forum for energy modellers to share knowledge, solve problems, discuss emerging technologies and enjoy other communications.

IBPSA BC is a chapter of IBPSA Canada. IBPSA Canada is a regional affiliate of IBPSA (also known as IBPSA World), a non-profit international society of building performance simulation researchers, developers and practitioners, dedicated to improving the built environment.